Math Bee Survival Competition

Math Bee Survival Competition

(Saturday, May 30th)


Purpose of Math Bee: 

1)   To promote interest and excitement for math

2)  To build strong math foundations

3)  To challenge students who love and/or excel in math 

4)  To encourage students to set personal goals and work towards their goals


Winner of Grand Championship Trophy is Jayden S!!

Winner of Kindle Fire is Talin P.

Winner of 200 Eye Level Dollars is Ava K.

Winner of Pogo Stick is Stella C.

Winner of Lego Set is Shreya V.

Winner of Magnetic Tile Set is Yug M.

Winner of Movie Pack is Amaani S.

Winner of Ice Cream Date is Richard P.

Winner of 7th grade is Megna K.

Winner of 6th grade is Stella C.

Winner of 5th grade is Sean P.

Winner of 4th grade is Becca P.

Winner of 3rd grade is Sammy S.

Winner of 2nd grade is Rithesh B.

Winner of 1st grade is Johnny P